Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making the Got Milk sign.

Wonderful good friends of ours invited a bunch of friends and friends of friends to a paddock on their dairy farm to ring in the new year. They went to a lot of effort building a stage by the river, flood lighting the trees, setting up generators, hiring toilets and roasting a whole pig. And they were the most relaxed hosts I have ever seen, we even had a lovely relaxed morning banging out some salads and I think the 140 people who had had a few at 6pm-ish were quite impressed with our culinary skillz.

Anywho, photos of the actual event in a later post. For now I want to show you the backdrop banner I made after we had spent a drunken night with them in the winter, planning and scheming. It all really came about because we were talking about the Meredith flag and Tom walked in half way through the conversation and said "yeah, but make it like 6 meters long!". Challenge accepted.

The thing I like most about sewing is getting an idea in your head, having no way of really knowing whether it will work or or suit you or you'll like it at the end and investing the time and the fantasy in it anyway. I  must admit that I initially chose some pretty crappy fabrics for this project, um-ed and ah-ed about it for a while and then, like magic walking through the fabric store the sheer black with gold sequins literally screamed out at me. Begged and screamed, had a slight hissy fit when I picked up it's purple friend. But I knew; what says New Years Eve we are her to P-A-R-T-Y more than gold sequins?

More Got Milk 2011 fun to come xx

 j xx

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