Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bendigo: A Spring Day Out.

Sometimes it's really nice being a tourist in your own town. And yesterday, boy, did I feel like a tourist. I took pictures of tulips in Rosalind Park, I took my parents on an undergroud tour of the Central Deborah Gold Mine (and learnt that offically, Bendigo kicked ass as a goldfield.). We went to the Art Gallery, the Post Office Gallery, to a small photography exhibition call We're Still Here by a local artist Shaun C Mackrell. Then we poped into The Dispensary for a quick drink and ended up staying for dinned before we topped it all off  at The Capital to see a show called Stuntman put on by a bunch of friends in support of a locally started charity Blue Ball Foundation. Phew. Totally Tourist. Totally loved it.


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