Friday, May 17, 2013

Bill Murrayathon: The Costume.

Jeremy's having a Bill Murray inspired party for the big 3-0! Yay for themed parties! Yay for 30ths. Yay for Jeremy! 

It's hard to know who to choose to dress up for Jeremy's big Bill Murray inspired birthday party, on the one hand I want to go all out, and on the other, I know I'll run out of time so I can't set my goals too high. It doesn't matter too much though because the female characters in Bill Murray movies are great! (And not that complicated really.)

I think I'm leaning towards Ghostbusters 80s hair and sexy shimmery or Moonrise Kingdom 60s cute.
I figure if I run out of time a black dress and a pink wig and I can pretend I'm Scarlet Johansen for a night. (Might need to fill out the chest area a bit... if you get what I mean.)

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