Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A New Patch

Many would be much more irreverent for their first One for you, one for me post, but not I. I shall get straight down to the business of telling you about my latest efforts to harness the powers of the sun, rain and soil to produce delicious, home-grown veggies. In the process, I hope that I (and now you) will learn something about the thing that gives me a reason to get off the couch after a day at work.

As Ms J has mentioned, we had a lovely five bed patch back at our last home, which was more than just a little devastating to leave. Now 12 months later, I am back in the saddle and working hard to get things up and running while the weather is still warm- these blissful indian-summer days are perfect for getting newly sown seeds and seedlings established before the depths of winter hit.

Clearing the back-yard was a tough job, not just because of the sweat and squashed between-bluestone-fingers that we all endured, but because I knew we were pulling apart someone else's hard work. But prisoners cannot be taken in the battle for the next patch, I'm afraid.

I do find gardening a really interesting merger between brute strength, sweat and the occasional bloodied finger, and the finesse and precision required to plant one miniscule seed per space of row. This is perhaps why I love it so much, because I can sweat over a hole that needs to be dug, and then over the detail of getting one fragile, young seedling safely into its spot in the bed. And then it doesn't matter so much if it all goes pear-shaped, you can always have another go, next week, next month, next season.

I also love when jobs like this patch construction brings together the people I love, who are only too willing to roll up their sleeves, pitch in and help out. This group approach to work means you get so much more done in a day, and makes the beers taste so much better at the end.

More next time.


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