Thursday, May 9, 2013

Three easy steps for moving to the country...

It’s 3 easy steps to move to the country. Step 1: find jobs. Step 2: Buy house. Step 3: Build veggie patch. There might have been a few minor steps in there somewhere but basically, we’re at Step 3. 

Memories of the 3 year labour of love that was our veggie patch in the last house have inspired the priorities. That and THE WINTER IS COMING.

We've dedicated about a third of our lawn/garden area to the patch, it's quite the prominent feature of our space. But it will  enable us to grow most of the veggies we need, and that's gotta be a good thing. 

If we (and by we, I really mean Jeremy. He's Mr Green Thumb) can make it half as good as the last patch we'll be on to a good thing. Check it out... it truly was a beauty.

The corn and the beans were my fav, such pretty little tangles of leaves and green and secret cobs and pods popping up when they're ready.

More on the building of the new patch soon.

xx jess

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Kelly @ View Along the Way said...

So fun to have a veggie garden! You make moving to the country sound so easy and tempting! :)