Saturday, April 11, 2009

Five Friday Thoughts...

1. "Friends - New friends, old friends, best friends, real friends." I've made some awesome friends here in Fernie this season, and all around the world this year travelling. I'm going to miss my newly acquired, highly excellent friends when I go back to the old faithful ones in good ol' Melbourne town. Here is a fine selection of us on Hot Dog day at Fernie (flouro, 80s and lots-o-drinkin' based on the 1984 movie Hot Dog Day).
2. "The Changing of Seasons". I have loved having a real winter - one where you have a reason to go outside (snowboarding) and a reason to catch up with your friends everyday (snowboarding) and a reason to own multiple beanies and gloves (walking to the pub) - but I love spring and summer too and I can't wait to be in Mexico for the summer sun!

image found here

...but I am going to miss the snow...

a photo from our trip down to Big Mountain, Whitefish, Montana USA

3. "Why does being in a relationship where you have to make concessions mean that you are a woman that exists only to look after their man?"

Yesterday I spent a long time thinking about this because of these interesting articles: Sunday Column: The new young domestic goddess... by mamamia and Mother Anonymous by Emily Nussbaum for the New Yorker.

I am going to move to a country town somewhere far far away from the bright lights of the city and more than likely away from any opportunities in publishing (which is what I studied for). I am also the first of my family and my friends to be engaged and being the youngest of 4 some people think that was too young (wee young age of 24!). To top it all off I have taken to traditional "womanly" activities like netball, sewing, knitting and cooking. But as you could see if you read my blog or knew me you know I do traditional "manly" activities like snowboarding, cycling, drinking beer, following a footy club. But further to this my dad has always been the cook and cleaner in our house; he even glued on sequins to my ballet costumes. And even further to this my lovely Mr J Peanut Butter cooks dinner nearly every night and loves a good eyebrow pluck (well, his is more a get-rid-of-the-mono-to-make-two-distinct-eyebrows pluck). To end my little rant, I think us women get bogged down in one dimension of ourselves. Yes, I'm sure having a baby changes some things, but I know I will always like to get dirty, sweaty and a little prissy and I subscribe to the belief that if I am happy Mr J Peanut Butter is happy and if he is happy I am happy. We should stop trying to define ourselves against something and start defining ourselves based on how happy we are.

...whooooph, rant over!

4. "Musicians, actors, bad behaviour". Yesterday I was listening to CBC radio Canada and they were discussing a recent program of Q where Billy Bob Thorton lost his cool when presenter Jian Ghomeshi mentioned his cinematic career as an intro to talking to him about his music career with The Boxmasters. What an Ass! Why can't people just get over themselves!? Wicked show by the way...

5. Happy Easter - Stay SAFE on the roads

xx j.

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