Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blueprint Fest

It's festival season... well almost! I'm totally looking forward to Meredith I didn't go last year because I was OS but I reckon I've been going to MMF for the last 7 years, not bad jess, not bad.

We started this fest season with Blueprint - a brand spanking new fest on the scene held in an old volcano crater out near Ararat. And it was fun, unorganised and muddy, but fun because festivals are always fun. A great time to get a good dose of fresh air and negate any benefits that might have for you with all the booze that is drunk. And there was booze. Miss F introduced me to Bison Vodka, infused with Bison Grass, with Apple Juice - bloody beautiful, just may be my new fav drink apart from sidecars and cheap white wine!

Bands, oh yes, the bands, they were great! Bertie Blackman was pretty good, Gun Street Girls - awesome, Timmy Rogers always killer and Jebadiah - it must be hard being a band that lives off songs form 10 years ago - but oh how we sang.

Best of all has gotta be hanging out with mates and especially meeting the new ones and finding out their cool (nothing worse than being lumped with someones annoying friend all weekend - not so here, but sometimes I shudder to think that just may happen) oh and running into people you love and haven't seen in a while. Yep, those are my favorite festival things.

Now seeing it's Fesitval Season everyone should check out something at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Something new and exciting. xx j.

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