Monday, October 5, 2009

I wanted to show you guys a picture of the crops that I drive past everyday, so when we were out on sat Mr JPB showed me a the 'ducks guts' of crops right near the Grampians. Isn't it so lush and green?

While we were out in our new Outback (Oh yes we did just buy a suburban soccer mum car!) we met this little guy, we liked him, he didn't like us very much -

couldn't possibly have anything to do with us prodding and poking him...

Good fun though tearing through the FWD track in the Outback with our mates on dirt bikes.

Now to the 'Sewtober' update! Miss Veronica Darling is doing 'Frocktober' where she makes a dress a day for October, yes yes that is 31 dresses! She is far braver than me and loves a challenge that girl! I on the other hand are well and truly copping out and supporting her efforts by doing a 'Sewtober' where I will sew every single day of October and blog about it until you all wish for me to stop. So here is my efforts for the first 4 days:

The Jacket that used to be a Curtain...

I used the Burda Style Eva Jacket pattern and the instructions were pretty crappy and I ended up with left over bits at the end, which could be my fault cos I get going and then kinda make it up a bit and then get lost and go back to the pattern and then realise that I've done about 7 steps wrong and there is no turning back now and have to make up the whole thing! But it's my first collar and I think that the collar is possibly the only thing saving this jacket. The material was wrong, it doesn't sit nice and is a bit plastic-y. But it's shinny and this jacket will be worn to a music festival, because music festivals need a little something special but something that you don't mind wrecking! So what do you think?

Might I add they never mentioned shoulder pads anywhere until the last line which says something like 'put in shoulder pads' and I was caught out - no shoulder pads! So I had to had some ruffle to the shoulders. But this is all about learning!

Lessons Learned from Eva:

1. Collars are easy and just need facing to look pro.

2. Make facing so you can sew it into the side seams and it's not flapping every where.

3. Ironing is your friend.

4. Read the whole pattern before sewing!

5. Use appropriate material, doesn't matter if you like the print, if it's not appropriate it will only disappoint you.

It was fun though and not a complete disaster, it will be my Meredith jacket!

xx j.

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Veronica Darling... said...


It'll be just fabbo for Meredith! And Sewtober is not copping out, it's still a challenge!!!!!!