Wednesday, September 16, 2009

windcheater - cool?

My first real upcycle - this was a horribly big and Nana windcheater, i took it in and put cute puffs in the sleeves and now it's wearable. Is it cool? I just can't tell whether it is acceptable to wear in the outside world. Maybe. Let me know what you think. Hmmm... But it's a nice yellow and boy-oh-boy is it comfy and warm!
Next up is curtain that I want to make into a jacket... oh yes, this is from the op shop and I am trying to be tricky and actually get into the refashioning side of things, I'm not very good at this yet so bear with me on these little experiments... maybe this one will be ok but I'll keep you posted. Finally, a UFO shirt from before I went OS, collar-less, cuff-less and button-less all those tedious tasks, but on the up side it looks like it will still fit me!
So I have some homework to do! xx j.

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