Friday, October 9, 2009

Bias Binding - Learning.

I used a method I found on the net somewhere ages ago and a brought bias binding tape maker thingy and it was a little traumatising, but we got there in the end. We started with our strips on the bias, I cut tonnes of them but only used about 15 max.

I sewed them together and got worried about, how should I say, 'dog's breakfasty' they looked. But I trimmed them down so they were a uniformed 1 inch wide. Oh, yes, 1 inch is small...Next up the tool that was meant to solve all my problems, make my sewing a delightful experience and boost my efficiency and creativity. Yep, you guessed it, it was difficult, I thought I was doing it all wrong and it took me aaggggeeees.... (see how it's not coming out right? see how it's not folding nice - it looks frightening!)
This was what I ended up with and I blame the fabric for not holding the way I was telling it to!

So I rolled it all up and it's sitting there waiting for me tonight to sew it onto the dress...

Wish me luck!

xx j.

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Fi said...

Good Luck Jess - i am sure it will all work out!!!